In what incredible journey does Guy Leta take you?


Certainly to discover your deep nature by cultivating mastery of your true being, but no matter what you find ...

One thing is sure! You will be immersed in the heart of Mother Nature who, with its sumptuous dress, seduced the spirit of the local population so natural and warm.



A wide range of hikes will be proposed to you so that you are allowed to join the surrounding villages without putting a foot on the asphalt. You will be guided by the melodious murmur of the many waterfalls, rivers and undulating streams that cross this region, lined with many bridges, old mills and other fountains. You will come across unique paths, the remains of traditional farms typical of the region; the Cortijos ..

This beautiful alliance gave birth to the soul of the new center "Yamuna Health Europe" having the pleasure of welcoming you to an exceptional region.





The paradisiacal valley, where the Yamuna Resort is located, is spared by the tourist influx and has preserved all its authenticity and its wild character:

Majestic peaks and sky full of light go hand in hand here in the heart of the Alpujarras in the municipality "La Taha / Pitres" which counts seven hamlets oriented full south surrounding the mountain range of Sierra Nevada and giving in these places a captivating picturesque character.

Two rivers fed by pure mountain water (Rio Poqueira and Rio Trevelez) that cross lush vegetation and fertilize the rectangular fields on several levels giving the illusion of a giant staircase leading to the beauty of the peaks.



A little history... of the villages...


The seven small villages of Taha: Pitres, Capilerilla, Mecinilla, Atalbeitar, Fondales, Ferreirola and Mecina, form an administrative unit which, at the time, was under Arab domination. "Ta'a" was the equivalent of what a province would be today. At the time of the conquest of the last Arab villages by the Christians, there were still twelve administrative units of this kind. Under the influence of the Nazari kings, the entire area now covered by the Alpujarras was divided into Taha to better control and dominate the area. Pitres is the main village and Capilerilla is one of them. The villages Ferreirola and Atalbeitar are merged and Mecina-Fondales consists of the villages of Meina, Mecinilla and Fondales. The Taha culminates between 600 and 2400 meters above sea level.

Its origins are difficult to determine because, unlike Trevelez and Capileira, Pitres has not been excavated. The diversity of riches that can still be discovered comes from a past full of history, when the region was sometimes occupied by Africans, Berbers and Romans, or even by the Visigoths and Arabs. All these great populations have irretrievably left an indelible mark in this place. In the Taha de Pitres, there is no queue, no visit hours to respect. You will not find anything to put in your mouth in the travel guides, but there are, here, enough monuments of exception to satisfy your curiosity. This kind of natural monuments such as millennia chestnuts, secular hiking trails, unknown flowers, orange streams and legends still alive.