Master your physical health and achieve the ultimate fulfillment in your life.


More and more companies are investing in sustainable employability and the protection of their human capital. To fullfil this goal, we help companies protect and ensure the health, efficiency and motivation of their teams.


Business Health Management's programs were designed by Guy Leta, specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine, master in Jujitsu and Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong.


The main goal of our incentives is to give you the keys to change and become master of your body and mind. You will learn to recognize the signs of your stress and your body imbalances and the techniques to be able to correct them.


Recover the natural vitality of your body, strengthen your mind with new and revolutionary ideas, discover and fully inhabit your potential, armony and personal confidence. This incentive offers a personalized attention to each participant.


The participants come out of our retreats with new strength and motivation to establish a healthy lifestyle in their daily and working lives. The group leaves with a reinforced team synergy.

Beyond the intensive retreats at the Yamuna Health Resort in Spain, Guy Leta and his team also offer a possible “post-retreat” follow-up of the participants' health.

All programs can be organized in English, French, Dutch and Spanish.



4 targeted programs are available, depending on the audience and level of participants:











6 days / 5 nights


First level introduction to the philosophy of Business Health Management.

Introduction to burn-out prevention with the recognition of the first signs of stress: physical, mental and emotional.


This incentive offers personalized attention to each participant: Assessment of your state of health according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, fitotherapy and health advice, Dao Marma massages and Ayurvedic treatments, Yamuna Lounger, training in Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong, medicinal nutrition according to the principles of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine *


Excursion on the wild paths of the valleys of the Alpujarra, through its forests of oaks and chestnuts, its white Andalusian villages and its rivers of pure water and intact nature.


Throughout the stay, you will receive the keys to a healthy and balanced life, and an introduction to physical and dietary practices to address your stress.


* see description of the different practices and treatments at the end of this page




6 days / 5 nights


Second level of Business Health Management.

For participants who have already started with the Stress Control and have already introduced changes in their daily and working lives.


The Body Control program will allow you to deepen in the knowledge of your health balance and to conquer your personal strength. How to face with energy the most extreme situations: moments of stress and extraordinary demands, which push you to overcome your own limits.


This program includes the same personalized follow-up and therapeutic cares as the first level of Stress Control: Acupuncture, herbal medicine, Dao Marma massage, steam bath, Yamuna Lounger and Ayurvedic treatments.


But it offers more exercises of Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong, and introductory exercises to the martial arts, directly imported by Guy from his experience in Chinese monasteries.


Healthy, ecological and medicinal meals according to the principles of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Excursion on high mountain trails, during which we will practice the techniques taught and take advantage of panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada, to relax and remineralize our bodies and minds.




6 days / 5 nights


Third level of Business Health Management.

For participants already familiar with Stress Control and Body Control.


This program is an integration of the 2 previous incentives. It will allow you to deepen your knowledge and practices to be able to completely cultivate your personal potential.


The goal is to offer you a holistic understanding of yourself, incorporating more precise and refined techniques to become master of your own health and balance.


It also includes personalized therapeutic cares by our team: Acupuncture, herbal medicine, Dao Marma massage, steam bath, Yamuna Lounger and Ayurvedic treatments.


Healthy, ecological and medicinal meals according to the principles of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


A more detailed and specialized training of the 3rd level of Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong.

But also, an introduction to daoist keys for body regeneration and recovery of essential Qi energy. And an introduction to the concept of "Essence of Love": personal practices for increasing sexual vitality, youth and a long active life.


Excursion on mountain trails, during which we will practice the techniques taught and will take advantage of the waterfalls and forests for resourcing and remineralizing our bodies ans minds.




10 days / 9 nights


One worker out of six would be threatened by the "burn-out", described as "a fire consuming all internal resources", "a rope that breaks", "a tsunami that withdraws" ...

According to statistics, 10% of workers are currently living a burn-out and 25% of employees will suffer a burn-out during their lifetime. A considerable cost for the affected person and for the companies.

The Burn-out Recovery program is specially designed by Guy Leta:

An intensive 10-day program of detoxification, remineralization and awareness of the real source of the Burn-out, both physical and mental.


The Burn Out Recovery retreat includes an impressive list of treatments and activities:


Healthy, ecological and medicinal meals according to the principles of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Phytotherapy, Dao Marma massages and Ayurvedic treatments, Purifying herbal steam bath, Yamuna Lounger, Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong exercises, unique daily excursions in intact nature.

In a few days, the body is purified, rested and revitalized, you find back the balance of your body, energy and motivation to restore a healthy lifestyle every day and resume your activities. The goal is to improve self-confidence, vision of your potential, and finally, direction and fulfillment in your life.








This therapeutic massage with oil comes from the union of the ancient heritage of Chinese Traditional Medicine (Dao) and Ayurveda (Marma points). The goal is to rebalance the harmony and health of the body and mind. By reactivating the Qi (vital energy) and working specifically on the acupuncture points, depending on the condition of each person, this massage offers both physical and energetic healing. It is the basis of Yamuna Health treatments, in synergy with the acupuncture treatment.



Acupuncture is a medicine in its own right, which focuses primarily on the totality of man. It is therefore a holistic or total medicine.

In the human being we find a network of energetic channels, the meridians, in which circulates all the vital energy (Qi) in a balanced and harmonious way. Imbalances are the main cause of pain and / or illness.

An energetic assessment of the patient in his totality is drawn up, by questioning (his antecedents and current condition), taking the pulse, observing the tong and through a global observation. After going through each of these phases, the therapist can form a clear picture of the patient's condition and initiate a targeted treatment.



"The birth and the source of Qi", the energy responsible for your health and your vitality. It is the devious way to expel the old energy and renew it, by a series of harmonious movements that imprint a change in the body and consciousness. The series of movements follow the rhythm of a meditative breathing and stretch the body to promote the circulation of Qi in all the meridians.



The Yamuna purification menus are based on Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. Meals are prepared with ecological products and a medicinal combination of ingredients, spices and herbs; according to the specific typology of the participants. Participants also receive a personalized treatment in Phytotherapy.

Thanks to this detoxifying cure, the toxins of each cell are extracted and eliminated by natural means. You stimulate the immune system and harmonize your body so that your vitality and quality of life become optimal.



Aromatic steam baths with medicinal essential oils open the pores of your skin through which the body, by perspiring, gets rid of all the impurities.



The Yamuna Lounger is a revolutionary invention. The warmth of natural stone and semi-precious stones provides the body with deacidification, detoxification and at the same time a complete nourishing and reharmonizing therapy. The warm stone heats the body into the deepest tissues.

The table allows you to transform and drain moisture and residual mucus and all your waste through perspiration. The small circulation is stimulated and an absorption of the minerals, by means of the semi-precious stones, is put in place.